Property Details:  229 Montel Drive, Georgetown, Texas


  • Sales Price:  $574,000
  • A Dry Water Creek with potential for a great water feature runs along the back of the property.
  • City of Georgetown Water System: 2” pipe system plumbed at numerous point for water supply and fire safety. Backflow preventer keeps rainwater collection separate from City water supply.
  • Rainwater Collection System: 3” PCV system collects water by gravity flow from 4 building sites and is plumbed to a future pumping system. Separate 2” pressurized system installed throughout property and collection points for rainwater flow to a pump house. The pump house at the 50,000 gallon tank will pump water back to the collection tanks at the deep well site.
  • On-Site Deep Well: Property has 855 ft deep well capable of supplying 25-30 gallons per minute per the drillers well report #88482. 20x30ft tank storage building 80% complete capable of housing 6 each 2500 gallon water storage tanks supplied from deep well. 10x12 ft pump house 80% complete is attached to the tank storage building that houses the deep well and is the future sight for the pumping equipment. Three inch overflow pipe system with valve to flow water to two different positions in the dry water creek.
  • Propane Gas System: Three 1000 gallon propane tanks installed with cathodic protection. Large heavy duty yellow propane lines installed, lines installed from propane thank to three propane generator sites complete with first stage regulators.
  • Gravity Flow Septic System: Site has gravity flow soil substitution sewage facility designed to accommodate 780 gallons per day featuring two drain fields created by an excavation of 106 ft long by 12 ft wide by 56” deep. 140,000 tons of rock was removed out of these two holes create this system. All underground plumbing with clean out is installed for 4 building sites.
  • Electrical, Cable and Phone System: Site has 4 primary utility sites comprising of Pedernales Electric transformer stepping down from 14,400 volts to 220 volts, private electric boxes, cable connection box, telephone connection box and generator pad with electrical connections as well as propane connections. Four private electrical boxes have numerous electrical conduits flowing in and out of secondary electrical boxes and to sandpit at the building site. Each building site has sandpit with conduit, water, propane, and sewer/rainwater collection installed and ready to be connected. All conduits have nylon pull strings between boxes and sandpits. Generator pads are set up and connected to the private electric boxes for automatic switchover in the event of a power outage. There is over 30,000 linear ft of electrical conduit, water lines and propane lines ready for service.
  • Lot Clearing: Over $100,000 spent on clearing the lot, including over 2500 cedars and their stumps cut and removed and substantial amount of tree pruning and shaping.
  • Roads and Site Preparation: Over 1,000 linear ft of roads on the property. The roads are 12-16 ft wide. All boulders were jackhammered out and 6” crushed limestone base material installed and compacted.